Cooperating under a moniker

Sasha Solodukhina
Sarah VanDerMeer

We care about words, worlds, textures

Photo: Noé Cugny

Sasha Solodukhina is a director living in New Orleans. She likes to craft impossible things and build strange worlds for others to occupy, inviting new imagination to become kin to lost personal and collective mythology. She creates surreal universes using texture, costume, and practical effects to subvert expectations and transport the audience into landscapes that are beautiful but fleeting. She is currently developing her first feature, a horror film called “Everybody Loves a Dead Girl.” Her work has screened at HollyShorts, Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Atlanta Film Festival, among others. Her recent music video for “Tell Me a Story” (Joanna Tomassoni) won Best Music Video at HollyShorts 2021 and her short “Date Movie” won the audience award for ‘Best Louisiana Short’ at the New Orleans Film Festival in 2019.

Sarah VanDerMeer is a New Orleans based artist and production designer whose work focuses on themes of alienation and nature. Although her primary medium is painting, she has a background in large-scale installation and has been collaborating with theater and film directors to create evocative worlds. She is most moved by liminal spaces that exist in real life, but evoke a magnitude and strangeness that feels otherworldly – spaces that remind us that although we are a part of nature, nature remains bigger than us. She believes the experience of true beauty is closely linked to a feeling of fear, and creates work that toes the line between the familiar and the uncanny.